This week’s Reasons To Be Cheerful #R2BC

1. Sneaking up on my two sons as they watched TV together and capturing this photograph.

2. Holding my youngest in my arms as he fell asleep on the two-hour bus journey back to school after a class visit to the Science Museum in London. I still have the drool stains on my coat.

3. Catching up on all the gossip from my former work colleagues over a beer in midweek and praising the Lord that I no longer have to put up with what they have to put up with.

4. Enjoying the very last of the record-breaking Indian Summer with my kids in the park paddling pool and sandpit.

5. Being told by my middle son’s former teacher that his new teacher had said to her: ‘I feel lucky to have him in my class. He is such a joy to teach.’ (Unfortunately, this particular reason to be cheerful didn’t last very long as this morning I thanked his teacher for what she’d said, and she replied: ‘Really? I don’t remember saying anything like that!)

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8 Responses to This week’s Reasons To Be Cheerful #R2BC

  1. Ohh what a horrid teacher! I love that picture of yoru boys together and all your reasons are fab, they are so loving and family orientated – perfect!

    Enjoy the weekend. Mich x

  2. I love the photo, fantastic that you could grab the camera before they changed position. As for the teacher – you need to learn not to follow these things up. Just accept the compliment and bask in the glory. It’s like getting back on the scales after a couple of hours to see that glorious loss again, and after 2 hours without breakfast surely it has down more? Never happens, always seems to go up so I’ve learned to leave it be.

  3. Mel

    That picture is a real heart-melter! And will embarrass the hell out of them when they are teens! Score!

  4. God, some teachers are hard-faced! Spoken by someone who has just seen twenty-something aged teachers hog the big chairs and let my 84 year old frail dad stand through Harvest Festival (rant!) Anyone who has 2 boys (like me) will know just how precious that photo is when you breathe a sigh of relief “ah, they do love each other really!”

  5. The photo is lovely.
    I think your teacher probably did mean it but perhaps it was a case of in vino veritas – how else are you going to get through parents’ evening?

  6. The Rambling Pages

    That is such a sweet photo – the boys not the beer!

  7. Love the picture of your boys, you are so blessed

  8. thats such a lovely pic of ur boys together, its nice for brothers to not be fighting (i have 2 boys)