Listography: 5 Things That Make Our Flat a Home

Mother Porridge has been burdened gifted with KateTakes5’s Listography this week. She’s chosen a great theme: What Makes Your House a Home? We don’t have a house – more like a solitary prison cell called a flat which somehow accommodates all five of us. But it is our home. And these are the things that make it one…

Tons of it. Everywhere you look. I try to fight it. Have a clear out (without telling anyone) once a month, filling several bin bags and recycling sacks. But the moutnain never goes down. The stack grows high; the clutter deeper; the pile ever more onerous. The clutter, the clutter. I am drowning in clutter. But it’s the clutter that reminds me I am a father. And with that, I have a purpose.

My Sous Vide Supreme, my Cuisinart Slow Cooker; my Tojiro knives. These are the things I live for. They’re what make my ktichen a ‘working’ kitche; a place of toil and creation. My respite, my retreat.

This is where my wife and I retire once we’ve settled the kids down to the telly or laptop, for a chilled glass of wine after a hard day at our equivalent coalfaces. It’s south-facing, overlooking some of the great sights of London – the Post Office Tower, the Millenium wheel, the ever-progressing Shard. It’s wonderful to hang out here, exchange the woes of our days, listening to the people traffic down below.  It’s our little part of the chim-chiminey scene in Mary Poppins.

Touches of humour, reminders of the kids’ achievements, reminders of things to come. It’s a mess, but my wife and I know where everything is and it serves as an instant reference point about things we’ve done or have to do.

Of course, our home is festooned with photos of us and our family, but this one is my favourite. It’s a clever line-drawing created in a motorway serve station photo-booth. Each time me and my middle son go to visit his grandfather in Manchester, we stop at the booth and have our portrait updated, which I put on top of the previous year’s, to create a ongoing record of how he and I, and our relationship, is changing.


Head over to Mother Porridge’s Listography right now and share your home-identifying secrets.


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11 Responses to Listography: 5 Things That Make Our Flat a Home

  1. Your roof terrace looks like a nice little haven. My fridge looks like that too but it usually has lots of money off coupons that i never use! I love the line drawing idea!! I’m going to nick the idea if I may!

  2. Great list.
    Oh, and so with you on the clutter thing, it’s the same in our house! (Just don’t tell the Husband but I have regular clear outs without anyone knowing too! :-) )
    Well, I’d be dead under a mountain of crap if it was left up to him.
    What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him….. :-)

  3. That roof terrace looks superb. Mind you, you don’t have the midges to worry about.

  4. Lovely post. Esp no. 5. I’d challenge you to a dual in the clutter though – bet i’d win.

  5. I have a toy corner too. It must be radioactive as it seems to grow every day without us actually buying anything. Your roof terrace looks fab. Not as nice as the view from a yacht mind you … 😉

  6. I just love number 5. What a lovely idea. I used to have a roof terrace too, in our old flat, I miss it!

  7. Hey your view is better than mine! What?! And I’m incredibly jealous of your kitchen toys. Hmm.

  8. I love your list! I also de clutter & fill bin bags without telling anyone, (does anyone in your house notice? I don’t think mine do!) your fridge looks like my fridge- totally organised, everything where it should be! But the best part of your list is the pencil drawing, we’ve had one done every year for the last 3 & keep them all too. If you ever find a way of being able to look at the camera & not the screen please let me know! X

  9. I love that you get that line drawing done & place it over the old one…what a great idea!

  10. I think clutter features on everyones list! Without it a house just, well weird.

  11. I’ve read through your lsit and have been trying to think what would be in my 5 – to date list not finalised.
    Anyway the one that really touched me is no 5 – what a fabulous idea, especially layering them in the photo frame – oh how I wish this had been around when my 2 boys were younger.
    To me what makes it even more special is not just having it taken in any old booth – but the same one on the journey to grandfather – these are things which don’t just make a home – they make a life special!