This week’s…5 Reasons To Be Cheerful #R2BC

This is my first time linking to Mummy From the Heart’s Reasons To Be Cheeful (#R2BC) and I really need it because I’ve had a frustrating week – it would be a lot easier to do Top 20 Reasons To Be Miserable – so it’s good to step back and take stock of the little pleasures in life. So here goes…

My youngest son is four and started Reception class this week. He is normally a livewire, but he has been incredibly subdued this week. I think the step up has really taken it out on him. Added to that, he’s not much of a talker so tends to get left behind by the more gregarious, older children (he’s an August baby) in the class. He has caused me more worry than anything this week, until I heard what happens every playtime: the little ‘un goes looking for his older brother (by three years) and hangs out with him and his mates. But the killer for me was this: the elder has worked out that the younger is too shy to ask the teachers for help to go to the toilet, so big brother takes his little brother to the loo and wipes his little bum for him. If that isn’t brotherly love, I don’t know what is.

You may not be familiar with my weekly linky the Recipe Shed. It is what it says: a virtual shed where we share our recipes. I am a devoted carnivore, but vegetarian followers lobbied for a piece of the action and it has been a great sucess. My own recipe for Stuffed Peppers with Cous Cous, Mushrooms and Feta was a particular triumph. Even though I say so myself :)


Her job is incredibly stressful; my job as a housedad is incredibly boring. But cum-7.30pm, we can crack open a bottle of Vermentino and head up to our roof terrace for a mutual off-load. The question: ‘How was your day, dear?’ is not only polite, but absolutely crucial for sanity in our relationship.

We had our downstairs neighbours up for a dinner party at the weekend, and it was absolutely brilliant. Wagyu steak was cooked, wine was drank, cheese was devoured. But the highlight was a fantastically ranty argument about the funniness of the alleged comedia Stewart Lee. My neighbour described him as a genius; I said he was a smug conceited dick. And we waged war on this matter for several minutes, much to the amusement of our women. Of course, the next day I was made to apologise for being so aggressive, but my apology was accepted and I can’t wait to have them round again. There’s nothing better than a good old booze-fuelled row, especially if it’s all forgotten about the next day!

It went like a dream, but not until I’d recovered from a rocky start: a practical joke that completely backfired! Never again will I assume a seven year-old ‘gets’ his 47-year-old sarcastic father!

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6 Responses to This week’s…5 Reasons To Be Cheerful #R2BC

  1. That is brotherly love, hope my boys have the same sort of relationship as yours when they get that bit older…

    Hmmm, have to agree with you on Stewart Lee..

  2. Aw, that’s brotherly love! Nice when they look out for each other isn’t it?! Beats winding each other up and trying to run off with the other’s things just to be annoying. Or maybe that’s just my two boys……… :-)

  3. Great first R2BC entry, what a great big brother your son is!

    and I love the drinking on the roof terrace!

  4. Superb! I am loving your boys. Your kids are practically the same age as mine. My 4 year old twins started reception last week (they are July babes) and have been so knackered, I had to collect them early today. I just asked my 8 year old if he woudl wipe their bums at school if they asked and he went all silly!

    Thanks for joining in, Mich x

  5. I must admit that I was intrigued when I saw your vegetarian recipe earlier in the week, but having two children who gag at the thought of capsicum and mushrooms, this will have to be an adults only dinner.

    Your rooftop drinks sound divine. Hubby and I need to get back into having a drink and a chat of an evening.

  6. Great to see you joining in! I do love this meme but have been lax for a couple of weeks!

    Fantastic reasons, now how do you feel?