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KateTakes5’s Listography theme this week is a trip down memory lane, reminiscing on the games we used to play when we were children. I’m struggling to remember that far back but I’ve given it a go…

I have absolutely no idea why it was called this. It had nothing to do with monochrome and even less to do with our little furry bobtailed friends. The methodology was very basic: ring someone’s doorbell and run away before they answered it. It had one fatal flaw: we were so busy fleeing, we never got the chance to look back on our irritated victim’s face. Oh what pranksters!

Same principle as above, only with girls. Ring their metaphorical bell, then skidaddle. Only we did get to see our victims this time – screaming ‘Yuck!’ and wiping their mouths/cheeks with the sleeves of their jumpers.

All the kids where I grew up were into football or fighting. I fancied myself as Ile Nastase but had no-0ne to play with, so I’d hit a ball against the wall of our end-terrace house until my dad went bonkers with the relentlessness of the pounding.

All estates had at least one. Ours hung out in the woods, by the stream where we used to chuck stones. He was friendly enough, always pleasant to chat to, until he got his cock out. And then we’d chuck stones at his Sorry Little Fella.

When I were a lad, buses had big recesses at the back of them – perfect for jumping onto as they set off from the bus stop. The ‘dare’ was to ride them as far you could, and then surf on another bus to get home. Good in theory – but I once hitched a ride on the wrong bus, thinking it was heading home, and ended up 10 miles away in the middle of nowhere. Thankfully, a kindly passing policeman returned me to my parents unscathed.

What did you get up to before video games and t’internet were invented? Head over to the Listography to share yours.



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7 Responses to Listography – Games I used to play

  1. Mel

    Your games had a much more dangerous bent to them than any of mine ever did!

  2. Is number 4 for real?! So wrong but so funny

  3. I was so hoping you’d submit your 5 favourite games from your childhood. I knew there’d be some real beauties in there. We had one similar to your number 4 but it was hounding the local brothel. We were even too young to know what it was but we deemed it No 694 (or whatever street number it was) and used to throw ‘stink bombs’ in there and run as fast as we could. To think about what we used to put in that stink bomb disgusts me now but boy, it was fun!

    Anne xx

  4. I love the way this listography shows that the older the person is the more dangerous the games were. Yours sound very dangerous indeed.

  5. I think they’re bringing out a game for the X-Box called ‘Hound the Local Paedophile’. Inspired by your antics, perhaps…?

  6. I’m thinking “solo tennis” is a euphemism… :-)

  7. Arh yes no 4., didn’t we all grow up with the dodgy old man that we shouldn’t go near??