Listography: 5 Things I Did This Summer

I thought the summer holidays had been a bit of a non-event until KateTakes5 suggested we all reflect on what we’d done over the past six weeks for the Listography (share yours here). And it turns out, we did quite a lot. Most important for me is that I couldn’t have done many of these things if I were the wage slave I used to be before my wife and I swapped roles.

These are memories that will last a lifetime, and I’m so pleased I have my blog on which to cherish them…

1. Teaching my six-year-old son to ride a bike.

2. Watching my stepdaughter fly through the air with the greatest of ease.

3. Visiting my late mum.

4. Taking our youngest and his little pal to Hatfield House to see and feed rare breed animals – and play on tractors.

5. Riding the bumper cars at the local fair.

And one for good measure…celebrating our youngest’s fourth birthday.

Two of the three are back at school now – and you know what: I miss them massively.


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4 Responses to Listography: 5 Things I Did This Summer

  1. Such good looking kids you have. Weird huh?

  2. Naw, love it all! Those jumpy things are SO fun. Sad to hear about your mum, but nice you can visit her. Also love the bike riding pic, you can see how chuffed he is!

  3. Aly

    I miss my kids too, it’s awfully quiet and tidy.