A crafty solution for bored kids that costs nothing!

Yesterday, I asked for inspiration for something to do with my kids. ‘Something crafty!’ came the reply. Believe me, my kids don’t need even more lessons in being crafty.

But then @RedTedArt popped into my Twitter box and she suggested making these incredibly easy-peasy watches, fashioned from a cardboard loo roll, a bit of paper and a squidge of glue. And that was that. Even I could manage that.

More to the point, even the kids could. It took my sons and their palĀ  5 minutes from start to finish. After which, it was a case of: ‘Right, Dad. What’s next?’

The step-by-step instructions are over at RedTed’s site here, if you need them.


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5 Responses to A crafty solution for bored kids that costs nothing!

  1. Oooooh how fab! So pleased you had a go :-)


  2. They look so cool… @RedTedArt comes up with lots of good ideas, was just this minute looking for something to do with two sicky children tomorrow… might just steal this idea :) s x

  3. Crafty and educational too. It’s win win! (spot the teacher)

  4. Those are a great idea! Educational as well as fun. Great pictures, totally engrossed.

    CJ xx

  5. What a great idea – kids love to be creative. Why not start them on making some Christmas Cards for their friends/ realatives? ( yes I know it’s months away!) – In my experience kids love all the glitter and sparkle ( even boys do) and if you start collecting some basic card etc now it needn’t cost you a fortune.