Recipe Shed: Simplest Slow-Cooked Gammon Ever

simple slow cooked gammon

This slow cooked gammon recipe is, without a shadow of a doubt, the easiest and most effective thing I have ever cooked, producing soft, succulent, flaking hunks of ham, with enough leftover to make sandwiches for a family picnic.

And if you like this, you could also try my Twice-Cooked Ham with Dr Pepper Glaze, or this Cherry-Glazed Ham Hock, slow-cooked in Cherry Coke or use any leftovers to make this simple Gammon Salad with Mozzarella and Basil Oil.

1 gammon joint, weighing approx. 2 kg
Er, that’s it

1. Take gammon out of wrapper (if there is a net on it, cut that off too)

2. Put it in the slow cooker (no water, no sealing it off, no seasoning)

3. Cook for as long as possible on the low setting. I cooked mine for 10 hours.

4. Carefully remove from the cooker and transfer to a plate.

5. Drain the juices and fat (there will be a lot) from the cooker into a pan. Skim off the excess fat, reduce the juices over a low heat, then transfer to a clean jar and keep in the fridge (it makes fantastic stock for gravy or a base for pea and ham soup)

6. Carefully peel the skin off the ham and lie it flat on an oiled baking sheet. Cook in a very hot oven for 10-15 mins until the skin crackles and bubbles – hey Presto! Crackling.

7. Carve the gammon into thick slices and serve with mustardy potato salad and crisp lettuce leaves.



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15 Responses to Recipe Shed: Simplest Slow-Cooked Gammon Ever

  1. *drooling* Like the idea on the fat (grilling). Also wondered what to do with the liquid in the slow cooker *waits impatiently for pea and ham soup recipe*

  2. So going to cook this.. it looks amazing! lovely in winter too I imagine with red cabbage and roasties.. mmm!

  3. Hannah

    Fab, I’ve been looking for a “naked” ham recipe for a while and this seems just the trick. Shame I’ve left it too late to do it today though – boo.

    My suggestion for using cola/juice/any other liquids is to boil the ham for ten minutes before putting in the slow cooker. That process draws out a lot of the salt and other stuff you don’t want too much of (particularly if you buy cheap joints of meat like I do!), and then you just sit the ham in the slow cooker pot with one chopped onion (which also soaks up a lot of salt) and fill with an inch or two of cola/juice/whatever you want to cook it in. Yummy :)

    Thanks for this recipe!

  4. Cooked this yesterday and will never cook gammon any other way again.
    We couldnt believe how delicious it was. Finally a Sunday Lunch that cooks itself.
    Thank you for this wonderful idea.

  5. Frysie

    Hope this is as good as you all say, got six people round for dinner tonight. Gammon been on since 8 this morning, so lookin forward to it

  6. Derek

    Never cooked a gammon in the slow cooker but someone we know said wrap it in tin foil but do not think this sounds right.

  7. Ossie Naylor

    I have cooked a few Gammon and bacon joints in my slow cooker during the last year or so. The first couple were experiments which worked equally superb. I soak overnight to release the salt and for cooking place into the slow cooker with either water and six to eight cloves or with apple juice poured around the joint to about half an inch below the top and a cinnamon stick broken in half and each half placed either side. After six to eight hours cooking the flavours are superb and the resulting juices can make an interesting gravy. A good chef I knew, (sadly recently died), has simply put the joint in the pot complete with vacuum sealed plastic, covered with water and cooked for eight hours or more and with the joint cooking in it’s own juices the flavours are full and meaty.
    Good cooking.

  8. cassy

    Hi, is it skin side up or skin saide down in the slow cooker? Intend to try the 10 hours, no liquid method. Ta.

    • keithkendrick

      Hi, there was no skin on my joint, but regardless of that, it doesn’t matter whether the skin is up or down in the slow cooker. I turned it a few times. But in the oven, it’s fat/skin-side up.

  9. The beauty about the recipe is that it confirms that a chunk of ham can be slow cooked without any additional ingredients. A decent gammon doesn’t need anything else. I have 1.5Kg of gammon on the go as I write – and it will feed 6 people tonight. Not bad for about £1.50 per person plus veg. Thanks so much.

  10. Rod

    Simply brilliant

  11. Guy

    Just about to try this with a £30, 3kg hunk of fresh Welsh gammon (still has hairs on it)

    Might try and cook it with some coke, lets see how it goes 😀

  12. Does the ham not need pre soaking before it goes into the slow cooker?