Listography: KeithTakes5 again…5 Things I Want To Do This Summer

Listography queen KateTakes5 is, er, taking five this week to focus on setting up the new Netmums blogger network. If you haven’t already joined, you should check it out. It’s a great showcase for your blog but also a fantastic shortcut to other people’s. I can’t believe it hasn’t been done before, but it’s here now, and I think it will have a huge impact on the way people access the blogging network.

Anyway, after my resounding success just about adequate job of guest hosting Kate’s world famous Listography a month ago, she’s asked me to I asked her if I could step in again while she’s busy on other projects. So here I am…

The biggest thing on my mind at the moment is the imminent arrival of the school summer holidays. Many kids break up this week; others next. And after that, the summer break will stretch on for anything from 6-8 weeks. That’s nearly two months to either have the most amazing time of your and your kids’ life, or very nearly kill each other before school’s back in again.

But look on the bright side. What are the 5 THINGS YOU WANT TO DO THIS SUMMER?

Here are mine:

This time last year, we were putting the finishing touches to our pending nuptials. But they were clouded by something that neither of us had told our families about: that I’d been made redundant two months earlier. We didn’t want to worry them; didn’t want to spoil the big day. And besides, I thought I’d stroll into a job in no time at all. I didn’t, and haven’t, which is why my wife and I swaped roles and I became a Reluctant Housedad. I can’t believe it’s only been a year, but for our anniversary I want to make sure we celebrate it in style – in a fancy restaurant, with fine company and fine wines. Hell, we’ve already booked the babysitter (our good friend, Amy).

Regular readers will know that I am passionate about cooking and I want to instill the same thing in my kids. However, I’m not the most patient teacher – and I hate mess, too! It’s not a great combination for teaching children how to break eggs and dust flour. So instead, I’ve booked the two oldest chldren (my stepdaughter, nine; and son, six) on a week-long cookery course. If only there were ironing, dusting and vaccing courses, too, my life would be complete!

Me and my wife’s role swap coincided with our three year-old son going to nursery for the first time. As a result, I never got to experience that much-heralded quality bonding time with him. He’s an assertive little sod, so he doesn’t exactly get overlooked in our household, but still, one-on-one, father-son time with him is share and I’m very much looking forward to it just being the two of us while his brother and sister are at their various camps and activities. He’s four in August, and then he goes to Big School. Time goes so quickly and I want to make the most of it with him while he’s still a baby, albeit a big one!

We can’t afford it, so it’s best not to want it in the first place. We had the most glorious honeymoon in Corsica last year – a holiday of a lifetime that will compensate for the lack of a summer getaway this year. Aside from that, my wife can’t get the time off work. But we’ll do something equaly special, like go and visit our elderly folks 200 hundred and 300 miles away. Them having time with their grandchildren is far more important and precious than lying on a beach in Calor Gasorca.

I have tried the first three on-and-off this past seven months, but none of them have come to fruition for one reason on the other.
• My motivation for getting in shape fizzled out when I realised I’d lost a stone since I was mde redundant, due largely to the fact that I barely eat anything during the day and I burn off a fair few calories on the housework;
• I had a go at cutting down on the booze, but then realised I would have no friends at all if I carried on – all my mates exist in pubs, and my wife likes a drop of wine after a hard day at the Padded Shoulder Coalface. I smply can’t deprive them of my company: it would be cruel and wrong, especially as I know how funny I am when I’ve had a drink :)
• I need a job because we can’t live on my wife’s income forever, so I continue to scour the market and apply for ones that I’m qualified for. I guess being a housedad isn’t the most attractive prospect for a prospective employer, but I’ll keep trying – once the kids have gone back to school.

So, what 5 Things Do You Want To Do This Summer? You know the drill: write your post, and click on the Slinky McLinky below.




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43 Responses to Listography: KeithTakes5 again…5 Things I Want To Do This Summer

  1. A great list although some will take more than a school holiday of course!!

  2. Hi Keith

    Thanks for taking over from the superstar Kate this week. At least I’ve got a few months to get organised before our big summer school break and it coincides with Christmas so I’m onto it already. Great idea for a Listography!

    Keep up the good work Keith!

    Anne x

  3. That’s a very good list I must say. I especially like number five. And speaking as a former Recruitment Manager, your time spent as a house dad is not actually viewed that badly by employers, it all depends on the spin you use…!

    I like the theme! Will get to work on one this week.

  4. Great idea for this weeks listography…I have loads I want to do for the summer. Love your list…fab! And I think being at home with your family is fantastic to have on your CV…Its the most important job you will ever have! I’m off foraging for wild cherries (to make jam) will link up when I get back.

  5. Great idea / great post / great list!

    I second Michelloui as my former life was in recruitment too. Don’t think of this time at home as a career setback. Put a positive spin on it, and obviously don’t put yourself down in interview – they’ll believe it.

    And that is the best reason not to give up drinking I have heard. Love it.

  6. This list is awesome, much better than mine, which really only involves getting drunk, being drunk and walking around in my jocks….erm, I mean undies. Good job!

  7. What a lovely list – hope you achieve it x

  8. Terry

    Nice one Keith, it’s a lot better than mine:
    1) pack and leave for Australia
    2) pack and leave for Australia
    3) pack and leave for Australia
    4) pack and leave for Australia
    5) pack and leave for Australia

    That about nails it!!!!!!!!!

    • keithkendrick

      Hahahaahah. Nice one, Telboy. You will be sadly missed. But I believe they have t’internet down under. In fact, half the contributors to the Listography this week are from southern climes.

    • keithkendrick

      Hahahaahah. Nice one, Telboy. You will be sadly missed. But I believe they have t’internet down under. In fact, half the contributors to the Listography this week are from southern climes.

  9. I love writing lists,am determined to try my best to achieve all of mine.

  10. Jeremy Lukins

    Got laid off myself this year so I know what you went through. I also thought I’d find a good job really quickly but didn’t!

    Loved your no.5 too.

  11. Love this post and the listography idea – have submitted my first one.
    I also agree with what everybody else is saying about the house dad thing being a positive. You are the co-captain of a major industry and should be proud of what you are achieving! Any employer who doesn’t recognise that is out of touch with reality.

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  13. I love this list idea, and your list is great. Number 5 is definately going to take you more than the summer, but its very good.

  14. siobhan

    Very pretty wife you have there!

  15. Excellent list! Especially #5. One we could all benefit from…

  16. Fab list! My eldest starts school in September too! I am feeling the pressure to make this summer a lot of fun for him! x

  17. what a lovely list. Particulary like number one, at least this time you will be able to enjoy without having anything on your mind. It my husband and my first anniversary in August and havent a clue what we intend to do, but i know sadly there will be no big partying involved! Also love the pictures you included x

  18. Beautiful wedding pic…have a wonderful anniversary! x

  19. The Rambling Pages

    great list but think you mght need longer than 6 weeks!

  20. Just overwhelmed myself thinking of what I want to achieve in the next six weeks. Aaarrrrgh.
    Love your list mister – and isn’t your missus just gorgeous?!!

  21. I’m so glad it’s winter here so I can plan my summer for a bit longer! Love your list :)
    ~ Christine xx

  22. Good list. Being out of work stinks, but you will get there.
    I would so rather hire someone (should I be in the position to hire someone) who has parental experience than many of the youth today who have inflated opinions of their skills and experience. You don’t know anything until you have looked after children day in and day out….

  23. I tried to comment, but it may not have gone through, so apologies if this is a doubling up.

    I like your list. You will find a job soon. Any employer worth their salt will know that your experience at home is very valuable.

  24. I hope you have a wonderful anniversary. I also love the fact that you have lost weight doing the house work!

    Best of luck with the job hunt.

  25. Lexie bleasdale

    A great list. My littlest has just turned 4 and you’ve made me think about the approaching holidays in a new light…I really must make the most of our time together before he starts school in Septmber. Apols if I don’t get my act together to join in this week I have a tiny newborn taking up my time!

  26. Lexie bleasdale

    Er I mean my biggest has turned 4, obv…

  27. Great post, off to do mine now. Love the cookery classes for the children!

  28. Your wife looks gorgeous in that picture. Love the list (‘Cept the non holiday one, I reeeally want to go!).

  29. I was brave – my first ever linky! I’ve only been blogging for a month. Off to read what everyone else is up to this summer now :0)

  30. As always, an exemplary list. You know the rest of us can only bask in your glory, O King of Lists! You always use really nice photos, too. OK I’m toadying now. You rock.

  31. I love all the lists, it’s our first week this week!

  32. Ok, so I’m late… at least I did it! And it was nice focusing on what’s ahead this summer. Great idea for a Listology!

  33. Aly

    What a lovely list! Had a similar post in mind for next week which is definitely more than 5 things.I’ll be teaching my son who is 9 some more cooking skills over the Summer.It’ll be my first Summer as a single parent so I have mixed feelings but being prepared is definitely the way to go. Hope you have a lovely time :)

  34. What a great idea. I love lists! I’m popping in from…I have no idea where! I’ve been blog hopping a bit this morning.

    Reconnecting with your boy: My youngest is five and started school this year, but when he was four and in his last year of preschool-dom, we used to really enjoy our time together. We’d go to the farmers markets and always stop to share a spring roll from the Asian food stall there. It became a ritual treasured by us both.

    Cookery course: What a great idea! They learn how to cook AND you get to reap the benefits of their newfound knowledge.

    Good luck with your job hunt, but I am sure that I will be back to read more before the summer’s up!

  35. Great post! You’ve inspired me to do my own list.
    I also enjoyed the article in Good Housekeeping magazine. Showed it to my husband, who is taking a career break to look after our young son.

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