When the heavens open there’s only one thing a dad can do (give him the shirt off your back!)

My three year-old son’s class trip to a nature park this morning started off gloriously. The sun was shining so I misguidedly thought a T-shirt and sandals would be enough to get him through the day.

And then the heavens opened!

All the other kids’ parents on the trip had given some thought to the weather forecast and had wisely packed Pac-a-Macs and capes into their children’s rucksacks along with the sandwiches and cereal bars.

But, no, not I. Not Mr Know-It-All. I had to be different! Fortunately, I had decided to wear a T-shirt vest under my shirt so when the floods did flash, there was only one thing to do: give him the shirt off my back. I whipped off my shirt, exposed my lovely man boobs – wet T-shirt-content-style – and let my little ‘un reap the benefit!



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10 Responses to When the heavens open there’s only one thing a dad can do (give him the shirt off your back!)

  1. Brillant, thats what dads are for afterall….

  2. Bruce

    Not sure what the 3 year old Northern Lad would say about that (actually I have a fairly good idea, but I won’t write it). Come on Keith, it’s only rain!

    • keithkendrick

      Yes, Bruce, but my lad’s a southern jessie, and his dad has been darn sarf way too long to wander around in cap-sleeved T-shirts

      • Bruce

        Wasn’t aware of the sartorial term “cap sleeve tee” so typed it into Goggle and clicked the Images button. Can’t say that I was disappointed with the results. :)

  3. Oh bless him and you! Completely what a dad should do, good on you!

  4. The Rambling Pages

    Brilliant! Thank god for dad’s!

  5. Are you cold or just pleased to see me???

  6. It’s good to see I am not the only one going completely overconfident all the time (though, I feel sometimes I use overconfidence instead of unprepared, just to make me feel better…). Could this be a gene thing?…

  7. What a super Dad you are to do that. He looks so cute in it!