The 3 Word Gallery

The theme of this week’s hugely popular Gallery on Tara Cain’s Sticky Fingers blog is JUST THREE WORDS.




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14 Responses to The 3 Word Gallery

  1. I’m missing something here. The photo.

  2. Ah, Roger the Chicken. Lovely.

  3. Sweet baby Jesus, hold me now.

  4. You really should have found a way to get some sort of head on it. Looks tasty though

  5. OMG the chicken is doing a dance….

  6. Very good on a parenting blog
    We are all like headless chickens
    And yes, those words are in every household in the land every day so well done you

  7. Love it tho the chicken looks a bit sure of itself for some reason.

  8. As a vegetarian, cannot say that I find dinner tempting, but the photo is fab! :)

  9. Hahaha…great photo! It looks as though its about to walk off, lol!

  10. ha ha this photo totally made me laugh. Very random but I have heard that this is the best way up to roast a chicken!

  11. Looks yummy, am sure it tasted as good as it looked! Any leftovers to share?

  12. ahhahah! i bet my husband would do the same think if he ever bake :) anyway, “My Daddy Cooks” has found it’s way aaaaall the way to Malaysia. Thank you very much Keith! You made my day :)

  13. Jessica

    Great! Beer-can-chicken! My dad told me about it, and I hardly cook my chicken any differently now.