Recipe shed: Sticky Gooey Easter Bunny Krispie Cakes

'We're all going to diiiiiiiiiiiiiie!'

Now I apreciate that not every household will have leftover chocolate bunnies or eggs from Easter, but our three are so ridiculously spoilt (bribed) in the treat stakes, these three fellas have been in the fridge for more than a month now, albeit missing an ear or a cheek.

Coupled with the fact that it’s been half-termm week (yes, again!), I wanted to do something creative with the kids, if only to rise to the challenge set by my Cookalong Friday partner John Clayton. He said cooking with kids was fun. And he’s got five of them! Nick Coffer, he of My Daddy Cooks fame, says the same about rustling up dinner with his three year-old son Archie.

And so I thought, what the hell, give it a go. I wasn’t so daft as to get all three of them involved at the same time – I’m not a masochist – but once the six year-old was packed off to a pal’s for a playdate, I set my nine year-old stepdaughter and three year-old son to, er, work!


Ingredients for 12-15 slices

3 battered and beaten Easter bunnies, or egg equivalents
Large knob of butter
3 tbsp golden syrup
Handful of kiddie-sized marshmallows
3-4 tbsp warm water, from the kettle
3 bowls of Rice Krispies
5-6 strawberries, halved, to top

1. Say goodbye to the bunnies.There is no room for sentimentality in this business.







2. Break into chunks into a large enough deep frying pan or saucepan. Do this as quickly as possible before the kids eat it all.










3. Add a large knob of butter.










5. Squeeze in the golden syrup.










6. Add the marshmallows. Be quick now: these kids take no prisoners.










7. Heat on the lowest flame possible and stir.










8. Add the warm water to achieve a pouring consistency.










9. Gently fold in the Rice Krispies








10. Transfer to a shallow tray.








10. Top with strawberries and gaze on in wonder and awe.

11. Slice and serve.

12. Let the bickering for seconds begin.



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3 Responses to Recipe shed: Sticky Gooey Easter Bunny Krispie Cakes

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  2. Leftover chocolate. That’s certainly an interesting concept. Not one I’ve encountered, personally, but I might have to make an exception to get some of these on the go!

  3. wow, that looks lovely!
    There’s some great pics of the kids. We have a white chocolate cow left over from Easter…that is all. Not sure we could do that with one white cow…..