The Royal Wedding: Where were you? I was here…

It is 1.31pm on April 29 2011 and I’m writing this post for no other reason that I want to record the moment. As simple as that. I’ve been at home all morning, with my two boys, while my Successful Other Half as been at work and our stepdaughter is with her dad.

The boys have been playing on their computers and I’ve been glued to the telly and Twitter. I did have grand plans to get up early and go into central London to soak up the atmosphere, but in the end, a lie-in on a non-school day won the day.

Our Big Day

I’m not a Royalist, but I was genuinely moved by the whole affair and wish William and Kate all the best. It brought back lots of memories of my own wedding day last year.






So here, just for the record of the ongoing journey of my blog, are a couple of shots I took of the Big Day from the comfort of my armchair.


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2 Responses to The Royal Wedding: Where were you? I was here…

  1. Terry

    Yeah totally agree with you mate, I am not the first to drag out my little flag but I was also moved and enjoyed the whole thing. They appear from what you can see just watching to be a lovely couple full of love for each other and have fun so here’s to them, raise a glass and say good luck, as I said at my wedding “here’s to those who like us and here’s to those who don’t and to those who don’t……….. **** off!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I really enjoyed watching it all too and found the whole thing very moving. Funny how us Brits like a bit of pomp and ceremony!