The OTHER Kate has her say: KateTakes5 becomes KateGives3 Answers

Kate with the Stick Insect, Puppy and Woolly Mammoth

As the world’s spotlight shines on one Kate today –  the one who will become a duchess or princess or whatever – I thought it would be momentarily diverting to focus on the other Kate, the Queen of the Listography KateTakes5. She has let me turn the tables on her and has taken my World-Exclusive-Because-No-one-Else-Is-Interested ‘Just Give 3’ Interview Of The Century. .

Three words to describe yourself
Disorganised, Lucky, Small

Three animals that represent your kids
Stick insect, Puppy, Woolley Mammoth

Three jobs you’d like them to do when they grow up
I don’t really mind as long as they’re happy. Maybe an astronaut, a Nobel
Peace Prize winner and a Scientist that discovers the cure for cancer? But
you know, whatever…

Three best things about being a SAHM
Spending time with the kids, no work stress, enjoying the sunshine.

And three worst?
Spending time with the kids, being expected to do 100% of the household
chores, not being able to even go to the loo without a child hanging off
your leg.

Top three guests at your dinner party?
Paul Merton, Stephen Fry, Johnny Depp

Three pieces of wisdom passed down by your parents?
Be nice – they’re probably having a bad day too.
Try your best – that’s good enough.
Don’t even think about having 5 kids.

Three favourite movies?
Changes constantly but:
The Great Escape
Picnic at Hanging Rock
Pans Labyrinth

Three favourite songs?
Impossible to list just 3, but The Greatest by Cat Power, Five Years by
David Bowie, Five Finish First by Jurassic Five, Kaya by Bob Marley, Blister
in the Sun by Violent Femmes, Metarie by Brenden Benson are some that come
to mind.

Three pet hates
Baby on Board stickers (Full list here:

Three things you love about hubby?
Erm…3? Really? Eh, Intelligent, Curious, and GSOH ( well at least he thinks
so). I remember once filling out a Marie Claire questionnaire where one of
the questions was ‘Rate your partners sense of humour on a scale of 1 – 10’.
I wrote down 7 and he happened to see it. ‘7??’ he said incredulously, ‘7???
I’m funny as fuck’. So we know what HE thinks anyway…

And three things you’d change?
Better not get into that.

Three favourite parts of your body?
Feet – I love my feet! After that it gets tricky….eyes? and…em….legs?
(as long as they’re covered).

And three things you’d like to change?
Skin, stomach, boobs

Three funniest jokes?
– How many Freudians does it take to change a light bulb? Two. One to change
it and one to hold his dick….I mean mother…I mean ladder.
– Why did the Mexican push his wife off a cliff. Te-quil-a  (said in Mexican
– A man and his wife are sitting on the porch watching the sunset when the
wife says ‘I love you’. ‘Is that you talking or the wine’ he asks. ‘It’s me
talking……to the wine’.

Three chat up lines that have worked on you?
‘Are you sure you’re not Elle McPherson?’
‘Wow you have the most amazing feet’.
‘Hi I’m Johnny Depp. Me and Caleb were just wondering if you’d join us’.

Three words that sum up how you feel about your family?
Just a X

Coming soon: JoJo from JoJoSoCalledLife


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