Before I was a dad. Before I was anything, really…

Last night, I foolishly asked to join the Sticky Fingers‘ Blogger Yearbook Gallery. Foolishly, because all my old school photos are up in the attic up in Manchester, where I was last week.

However, even though the following three pictures aren’t official school photos, they do show me in the years before the blessing/curse/burden/joy/responsibility of becoming a full-time Reluctant Housedad after I lost my job last year, forcing my wife and I to swap roles.

Apologies if they don’t exactly fit the brief, but they are the best I can do given the stupidly self-imposed deadline, which Tara Cain kindly extended for me.


It's all downhill from here

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a lanky streak of piss

27 years before I was made redundant and became a housedad




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4 Responses to Before I was a dad. Before I was anything, really…

  1. Terry

    I know I shouldn’t laugh but……………. Oh sod it LMAO!!

  2. Terry

    Sorry mate I know it’s mean but that last pic cracked me up, it’s a look of utter disinterest, your eyes are saying I am going to shove that camera where the sun don’t shine!! He he best post ever!!!!

  3. The first pic looks like it’s from 1901. How OLD are you exactly??!!!!! ;-D