‘Dad, can we keep the babysitters?’

Their mother was working late again and, well, it had been a long day. All the Stuff-I-Needed-To-Get-On-With-That-I-Normally-Do-While-They’re-At-School had been neglected. The washing basket was overflowing and the ironing pile, well, it was more of a mountain than a molehill.

I wanted to have a Chore-Free-Weekend so that me, their mother and them could re-connect after a week of not seeing her because she’d been away on business all week.

I could have got them to help me with the loading and folding, but that makes the job twice as long as it needs to be. So I resorted to the 21st Century Babysitter: the good old-fashioned computer!

(Don’t worry, the stopped surfing the second their Mum walked through the door, see previous post)

What you can't see from these pictures are their eyes: perfectly-symmetrical squares.

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