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IMG_7335 Smoked Iberico Pork with Puy Lentils and Feta Cheese - Look at this pork steak, carved  into 1cm-thick tranches to exposes a perfectly cooked interior. A PINK interior! Yes, that’s right – pork cooked pink. Medium-rare, to be precise. What … Continue reading
IMG_6362 Spaghetti Arrabiata - Arrabiata means ‘angry’ in Italian, because it’s so darned hot (as in, ‘Phew, I’ve been out in the sun too long and this sun burn is making me arrabiata.’ Perhaps … Continue reading
IMG_6988 Butcher’s Masterclass: How to cut your own Flat Iron Steaks -   The feather blade is a wondrous piece of meat in terms of flavour – but you need a lot of time on your hands to cook it. Cut from between … Continue reading
IMG_7060 Roast Coquelet with Fig and Cranberry Stuffing - Have you tried a coquelet? Quite possibly. It’s simply another term for ‘poussin’ – or young chicken to ordinary folks like us.  They’re widely available but I sourced these from … Continue reading

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IMG_6064 Jamie Oliver’s Sticky Chinese Ribs - This cooking method – courtesy of Jamie Oliver’s Comfort Food cookbook – is simply the best way of cooking ribs I’ve ever come across: time after time  the results are … Continue reading
IMG_6827 Smoked Crispy Chicken and Watermelon Salad - This is a very impressive dinner party starter: light and refreshing, smoky and sweet. I got a smoker for my birthday so I’m like a kid in the toy shop … Continue reading
IMG_6871 Iberico Pork Rack with Smoked Paprika - It is wrong to cry over spilt milk. This much we know. We were taught this as children and now hardy any of us drink milk as a result. But … Continue reading
IMG_6747 Hickory Smoked Chicken Breasts - I am so privileged – and undeserving – to have the wife I have. Men of a certain age tend to get socks or hankies for their birthdays, but I … Continue reading
IMG_6803 Bourbon Smoked Chicken Wings with ‘The Stag’ Hot Sauce - The ‘Blue Cheese Chicken Wings’ at The Stag public house in London NW3 are so addictive they should come with a voucher to a rehab clinic once you’ve had your … Continue reading
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IMG_6224 Crispy Spatchcocked Quails - I love a game bird, and these beauties come from my good friend Bob The Butcher. They’re wonderfully succulent, but to tenderise them even more, as well as infusing them … Continue reading
securedownload No words needed: A photo from my favourite pub, The Stag in London, NW3 - Chef (and mentor) Asher at The Stag in Hampstead, NW3, brines, smokes and barbecues the best chickens I’ve ever tasted. As well as the best blue cheese chicken wings, root … Continue reading
IMG_6453 Flat Iron Steak with Burnt Onion Ketchup - Flat Iron steak is an exceptional cut of beef. It’s become quite trendy in Britain because it’s relatively cheap and hugely flavourful with a wonderful toothsome texture: like a cross … Continue reading
IMG_5891 Slow Cooked Cockerel Breast with 40 Cloves of Garlic - I over-ordered at Christmas. Bought two massive cocks but only needed one. Such is life. So what to do with my second cock? This recipe, inspired by Tom Kerridge’s ‘Perfect … Continue reading
IMG_6618 Sara’s Vietnamese Pork Curry - The great thing about having friends who love to cook is that we not only share recipes, but we also share leftovers! This fantastic flavoursome sauce was given to me … Continue reading
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IMG_6556 Yotam Ottolenghi’s Lamb Meatballs with Fig Sauce - When my friend Debbie of TheLifeEdit blog recommended this recipe, I was sceptical. After all, a meatball’s a meatball, heavens to betsy? Nope. These take meatballs to a whole new … Continue reading
IMG_6286 Jamie Oliver’s Super Schnitzel - There are so many flavours on this plate I hardly know where to start: sour and tart, sweet and hot, salty, oniony, fishy, jammy, fruity, meaty. The works! It should … Continue reading


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2 Responses to Welcome!

  1. Richard Piatkowski

    I have been a follower of your site for a while now, and I wanted to share with you my killer Beef Vindaloo, which I am certain you will love …
    •1kg beef skirt (buy it whole and cut in to 2.5cm cubes across the grain)
    •4 onions, chopped
    • handful of fresh curry leaves – optional
    •2 x 400g tins of quality tomatoes
    •2 tbsp vegetable oil – I use Groundnut
    Vindaloo Paste:
    •4 tsp black mustard seeds
    •2 tsp fenugreek seeds
    •2 tsp black peppercorns
    •8 bay leaves
    •4 tsp salt
    •4 tsp coriander powder
    •4 tsp cumin powder
    •2 tsp chilli powder – I prefer Kashmiri
    •1/2 tsp of ground cardamom or 1 tsp of seeds from green cardamoms
    •8 green chillis, chopped
    •4 tbsp garlic & ginger paste
    •1 tsp garam masala
    •½ tsp turmeric
    •8 tbsp white wine vinegar (cider or red wine vinegar if you prefer)
    •Add all of the vindaloo paste ingredients in to a small blender. Start with the dry spices first, then add the garlic & ginger, then add the vinegar until you have a smooth paste.
    Mix the beef with all of the paste and refrigerate overnight. Take out of the fridge 1 hour before cooking to get to room temperature.
    •You’ll need a pot/ pan that can go in the oven.
    •Preheat the oven to Gas2 (300f/ 150c).
    •Add the oil to the large pan, throw in the curry leaves (if using) for 30 seconds, then throw in the onions and cook until golden. Once done, pop them in a bowl and keep to one side.
    •Now throw in the beef and cook on a high heat of 5 minutes to slightly brown it, but more so to cook off the marinade.
    •Add the onions back in to the pan with the tinned tomatoes, and bring to a simmer.
    •Pop the lid on the pan and transfer to the oven. Cook for 3 hours. Check each hour that the liquid hasn’t all gone.

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