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IMG_5222 Have you tried…Iberico Pork Chops - Here’s a pork chop unlike any other pork chop you’ll ever taste. These come from the loin of the magnificently marbled Iberico pig – that incredible porker that grazes on … Continue reading
IMG_5180 Roast Lamb Marinated in Lemon, Rosemary, Balsamic Vinegar and Soy Sauce - This is one of the best lamb dishes I have ever tasted. It was a magnificent Sunday lunch, served with Dauphinois potatoes and flower sprouts, plus a gravy made up … Continue reading
IMG_4971 The Lockhart Southern Fried Chicken - I am forever in pursuit of the perfect Southern Fried Chicken recipe and on  Saturday Kitchen recently, the head chef of a restaurant called The Lockhart claimed to have created THE … Continue reading
IMG_4998 Have you tried…Iberico Pork Presa? - Look at this glorious, beautifully marbled piece of meat. Do you know what it is? OK, a rather large clue is in the header, but if you hadn’t see that, … Continue reading

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IMG_4735 Christmas pies from Pieminister -   As much as I love a nice pie, pastry isn’t my forte. Even the ready-made, shop-bought stuff can be too much of a faff. So I was delighted to … Continue reading
IMG_4244 Have you tried…Iberico Pork Secreto? - Pork, for me,  is only worthwhile if the tougher cuts of the animal are used (shoulder, belly, cheeks, the leg, at a push), which are then slow cooked.  It’s the … Continue reading
IMG_4441 Chinese Chicken Wings in Black Bean Sauce - I am in possession of a brand new wok, purchased from the sensational Wing Yip supermarket. If you’ve never been to one of these extraordinary Chinese food emporiums, seek one … Continue reading
IMG_4141 The Stag’s Root Beer Pork Ribs with Shaved Fennel Salad - The Stag in Hampstead, NW3 is a great boozer, with great beers, great staff, great food  and the best ribs I’ve ever eaten in a pub – so I attempted to … Continue reading
IMG_4026 Smashed Cheeseburger Toastie - I thought I’d nailed the perfect burger until I read this post from the great Dan Toombes aka the Curry Guy. He’s been on a burger tour of his native … Continue reading
IMG_2954 Indian Lamb Koftas in ‘Spice Tailor’ Peanut and Tamarind Sauce (National Curry Week October 13-19) - It’s National Curry Week (13-19 October 2014) and I’ve been inspired by TV chef Anjum Anand’s Spice Tailor chutnis (which is the Hindi word for ‘lick’). This recipe uses The Spice Tailor Peanut and … Continue reading
IMG_3780 Lorraine Pascale’s Whole Tandoori Roast Chicken: National Curry Week (13-19 October 2014) - It’s National Curry Week(October 13-19) so give your Sunday roast chicken a twist with this fantastically spicy and aromatic recipe from Lorraine Pascale’s new book ‘How to Be a Better … Continue reading
IMG_3194 Goat’s Cheese and Beetroot Tartlets with ‘Spice Tailor’ Papaya Chutni #National Curry Week 13-17 October -   It’s National Curry Week (13-19 October 2014) and I’m getting involved with a week of Indian recipes inspired – and facilitated – by TV chef Anjum Anand’s Spice Tailor chutnis (which is the … Continue reading
IMG_3943 Game on! Tandoori Grouse and Venison Curry (National Curry Week, October 13-19) -     Game on! Yes, a play on words. That’s the kind of shed this is. We toy with the language, we play with the nuance. We are a shed … Continue reading
IMG_2857 ‘Spice Tailor Mint Chutni’ Tandoori-style Chicken and Minty Coleslaw: National Curry Week (13-19 October 2014) -   It’s National Curry Week from tomorrow (13-19 October 2014) and I’m getting involved with a week of Indian recipes starting with these inspired – and facilitated – by TV chef … Continue reading
IMG_3724 Australian Wagyu Rib-Eye Steak - Wagyu steak. It is, beyond doubt, beyond compare.  Such a bold statement would suggest a denigration of other breeds, but this isn’t the case.   A Longhorn, a Shorthorn, a … Continue reading
IMG_3656 Ginger Pig Roast Beef Salad with Wagamama Coriander and Chilli Dressing - Ginger Pig roast beef: the gift that keeps on giving. This week, I wrote about my experience at the Ginger Pig Butchery Class and the magnificent Cote de Boeuf joint … Continue reading
IMG_3619 ‘Ginger Pig’ Roast Beef Masterclass - If you’re a beef lover (and if you’re not, what are you doing here?), I have a few questions for you: 1. What’s the difference between a fore-rib and a … Continue reading
IMG_3325 Can you cook fillet steak from frozen? Yes…here’s how… - Have you ever thought of cooking a steak from frozen? It sounds like madness, doesn’t it? Sheer lunacy. But according to this article, the results are better than if you … Continue reading
IMG_3310 A glut of garlic? Make garlic confit - I returned from our family holiday in France recently with a string of garlic bulbs bought from an artisan market. These were young bulbs, still a bit green at the … Continue reading
IMG_3289 Miso Pork Belly - Granted, this isn’t my finest effort on the looks front. In fact, it looks positively inedible, doesn’t it? In double fact, I almost threw it in the bin because it … Continue reading


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