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IMG_6908 Chicken Liver Ragu with Pappardelle - Chicken livers, it has to be said, aren’t everybody’s cup of offal. My wife, case in point, positively hates them and has even threatened divorce if I ever fed them … Continue reading
IMG_8826 Easiest Ever Chinese Roast Duck - This is, quite simply, the simplest Chinese-style roast duck you will ever make. The skin is crisp and golden; the flesh moist and fall-apart. It’s heaven. And you only need … Continue reading
IMG_2653-1024x764 Roasted garlic, tomato and aged balsamic vinegar sauce for pasta or chicken - Often I ponder to myself: ‘How can I put  more ‘Oooh’ in umami?’ That’s the kind of guy I am, you see. A ponderer of life’s culinary mysteries: a never … Continue reading
IMG_8774 Porcini Mushroom Butter for Steak, Chicken or Jersey Royals - Why do mushrooms like parties? Because they’re fungi(s)! OK, the joke doesn’t quite work for grammatical reasons and, dare I say it, there’s mushroom for improvement, but it makes me … Continue reading

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IMG_8246 Japanese Crispy Pork Chop with Tonkatsu Dressed Salad - You can’t beat a pork chop. Well, you can – and you MUST with this recipe. Just a semi-beating with a rolling pin or a meat hammer will suffice. This … Continue reading
IMG_8422 Dan’s Dining Club Review: Kitchen Table at Bubbledogs, Charlotte Street, London, W1 - I have a group of friends who are also dads. That, in itself, would be connection enough. But there are other things that connect us, and amongst these is a … Continue reading
IMG_8290 Burger with Smoked Bacon Dust - Anyone who thinks we pub-goers spend our time talking rubbish, take heed: this idea came from a American drinker I’ve been calling Rick, but who is actually called Rob (I’ve just … Continue reading
IMG_7863 Kid Goat Tikka with Pistachio Sauce and Coriander Chutney - Have you tried goat? It’s one of the world’s most popular meats but it is relatively rare in the UK. I had to ask my butcher to get hold of … Continue reading
IMG_8259 Review: The Kitchen Counter at Neil Borthwick’s Merchants Tavern - The Kitchen Counter at Hoxton’s Merchants’ Tavern is the ultimate experience for foodies: sitting in close proximity to chefs who have skills and knowledge you can only fantasise about while … Continue reading
IMG_8169 Galician Sirloin Steak - Kitty Fisher’s restaurant in Mayfair serves what the food writer Tom Parker Bowles describes as ‘an aged mooer’ – aka Galician steak. Galicia, in case you’re not familiar, is the … Continue reading
IMG_7885 Sous Vide Picanha Steak - Picanha is a stunning cut of beef from the top of the rump. It’s most popular in Brazil, but it’s being offered by top-notch butchers (such as the guys at … Continue reading
IMG_7778 Shichimi Duck Breast with Soba Noodles - This is one of the simplest meals I’ve cooked for a long time: just a handful of quality ingredients, a cheat’s spice blend and a bit of marinating. But it … Continue reading
IMG_7797 Smoked Crispy Skin Chicken with Mexican Mole Sauce - This Mexican mole (pronounced mo-lay) sauce is sensational: hot and sweet, rich and chocolately. It’s the perfect accompaniment to chicken or mix with pulled pork and serve in wraps. (For … Continue reading
IMG_5775 Tom Kerridge’s Sticky Chicken - This recipe is inspired by Tom Kerridge’s Sticky Drumsticks in his ‘Best Ever Dishes’ cookbook. I didn’t have any drumsticks, but thought it could also work with chicken thighs – … Continue reading
IMG_6325 Pork Ribs Baked with Beer and Tamarind - Is there anything more, er, more-ish or satisfying than a big plate or ribs? This recipe is a winner: marinating baby back pork ribs in beer and tamarind – know … Continue reading
IMG_7419 Smoked Chilli with Borlotti Beans and Fennel Seeds - There are three secrets to this extraordinary chilli: frying half of the minced beef until it is crispy; grinding fennel seeds to add to the spice mixed to give it … Continue reading
IMG_7508 Hare Ragu with Pappardelle - I’ve got another new butcher on the block – Paul Cramer, in Camden, north London. I stumbled across him as I was wandering around waiting for my son to finish … Continue reading
IMG_7594 Fillet of Beef Rolled in Leek Charcoal Powder - I saw this recipe on the Food Network Show, Destination Flavour: Japan. Presenter Yoshihiro Narisawa described it as one of the greatest things he’d ever tasted and given that he … Continue reading
IMG_6243 Roast Satay Chicken with Sour Chilli Jam - A Saturday night salad to die for, inspired by the great god Tom Kerridge. Such an amazing chef that I named my son after him: Kerridge Kendrick. Has a certain ring … Continue reading
IMG_7335 Smoked Iberico Pork with Puy Lentils and Feta Cheese - Look at this pork steak, carved  into 1cm-thick tranches to exposes a perfectly cooked interior. A PINK interior! Yes, that’s right – pork cooked pink. Medium-rare, to be precise. What … Continue reading
IMG_6362 Spaghetti Arrabiata - Arrabiata means ‘angry’ in Italian, because it’s so darned hot (as in, ‘Phew, I’ve been out in the sun too long and this sun burn is making me arrabiata.’ Perhaps … Continue reading
IMG_6988 Butcher’s Masterclass: How to cut your own Flat Iron Steaks -   The feather blade is a wondrous piece of meat in terms of flavour – but you need a lot of time on your hands to cook it. Cut from between … Continue reading
IMG_7060 Roast Coquelet with Fig and Cranberry Stuffing - Have you tried a coquelet? Quite possibly. It’s simply another term for ‘poussin’ – or young chicken to ordinary folks like us.  They’re widely available but I sourced these from … Continue reading
IMG_7120 Sous Vide Poached Egg and Smoked Bacon Carbonara - Purists will tell you that the only way to cook an authentic Roman carbonara is with bacon and eggs. But I’ve never been a purist: it strikes me as telling … Continue reading
IMG_7077 Have you tried the GBK St. Morish Burger? - In the ongoing quest for Burger Perfection I was asked by the good people of Gourmet Burger Kitchen to try their new St.Morish Burger aka ‘Apres Ski in a Bun’.  … Continue reading
IMG_6064 Jamie Oliver’s Sticky Chinese Ribs - This cooking method – courtesy of Jamie Oliver’s Comfort Food cookbook – is simply the best way of cooking ribs I’ve ever come across: time after time  the results are … Continue reading
IMG_6827 Smoked Crispy Chicken and Watermelon Salad - This is a very impressive dinner party starter: light and refreshing, smoky and sweet. I got a smoker for my birthday so I’m like a kid in the toy shop … Continue reading
IMG_6871 Iberico Pork Rack with Smoked Paprika - It is wrong to cry over spilt milk. This much we know. We were taught this as children and now hardy any of us drink milk as a result. But … Continue reading
IMG_6747 Hickory Smoked Chicken Breasts - I am so privileged – and undeserving – to have the wife I have. Men of a certain age tend to get socks or hankies for their birthdays, but I … Continue reading
IMG_6803 Bourbon Smoked Chicken Wings with ‘The Stag’ Hot Sauce - The ‘Blue Cheese Chicken Wings’ at The Stag public house in London NW3 are so addictive they should come with a voucher to a rehab clinic once you’ve had your … Continue reading
IMG_6657 How to cure bacon at home - I’ve just eaten the best bacon in the world – because I made it myself. It contained no water that makes supermarket bacon more of a boil-up than a fry-up … Continue reading
IMG_6224 Crispy Spatchcocked Quails - I love a game bird, and these beauties come from my good friend Bob The Butcher. They’re wonderfully succulent, but to tenderise them even more, as well as infusing them … Continue reading
securedownload No words needed: A photo from my favourite pub, The Stag in London, NW3 - Chef (and mentor) Asher at The Stag in Hampstead, NW3, brines, smokes and barbecues the best chickens I’ve ever tasted. As well as the best blue cheese chicken wings, root … Continue reading
IMG_6453 Flat Iron Steak with Burnt Onion Ketchup - Flat Iron steak is an exceptional cut of beef. It’s become quite trendy in Britain because it’s relatively cheap and hugely flavourful with a wonderful toothsome texture: like a cross … Continue reading
IMG_5891 Slow Cooked Cockerel Breast with 40 Cloves of Garlic - I over-ordered at Christmas. Bought two massive cocks but only needed one. Such is life. So what to do with my second cock? This recipe, inspired by Tom Kerridge’s ‘Perfect … Continue reading
IMG_6618 Sara’s Vietnamese Pork Curry - The great thing about having friends who love to cook is that we not only share recipes, but we also share leftovers! This fantastic flavoursome sauce was given to me … Continue reading
MexicanEggs Old El Paso Mexican Inspired Eggs -   Start the day by giving the Great British Breakfast a Mexican makeover with this super-savoury Old El Paso Roasted Tomato & Pepper spiced omelette recipe. Every weekend morning, we … Continue reading
IMG_6556 Yotam Ottolenghi’s Lamb Meatballs with Fig Sauce - When my friend Debbie of TheLifeEdit blog recommended this recipe, I was sceptical. After all, a meatball’s a meatball, heavens to betsy? Nope. These take meatballs to a whole new … Continue reading
IMG_6286 Jamie Oliver’s Super Schnitzel - There are so many flavours on this plate I hardly know where to start: sour and tart, sweet and hot, salty, oniony, fishy, jammy, fruity, meaty. The works! It should … Continue reading
IMG_5912 Tom Kerridge’s Ultimate Ham and Cheese Toasties - You will never have had a ham and cheese toastie like this, I guarantee it. It’s a cross between Welsh rarebit and a Croque Monsieur. A Croque Rarebit, if you … Continue reading
IMG_6139 Chicken Kiev with a Smoky Bacon Twist - Here’s a wonderful twist on the classic chicken Kiev: add crispy bacon bits to the garlic butter filling. Any you have leftover, melt it in a pan and pour over … Continue reading
IMG_6120 Nitsa’s Thai Lamb Yellow Curry - I’ve given up making Thai curry pastes from scratch because my friend Nitsa creates her own and they simply can’t be surpassed. She works full-time at Marks and Spencer but … Continue reading
IMG_5623 Jamie Oliver’s Beef Wellington - There are a few dishes I have been scared of trying because of the potential for disaster. This is one of them. Beef Wellington has always struck me as putting … Continue reading
IMG_6089 Jamie Oliver’s Insanity Burger - My friend Danny and I are on an endless quest for the perfect burger. Not just those you can get at the myriad of trendy burger joints that have sprung … Continue reading
IMG_6004 Tom Kerridge’s Slow-Roasted Duck with Potato Pancakes - A butcher friend of mine – let’s call him Bob, for that is his name – has been raving about the virtues of Gressingham ducks. ‘The best ducks in the … Continue reading
IMG_5819 Tom Kerridge’s Ginger-Braised Ox Cheeks with Spiced Lentils and Watercress Yogurt -   I’m proud to report that this is one of the best dishes I have ever cooked. Not my words – but those of my very discerning wife. Top-end restaurants … Continue reading
IMG_4200 Daioni Flavoured Milk - Only a quarter of boys and 10 per cent of girls between the ages of nine and 13 are getting enough calcium – at just the age when their growing … Continue reading
IMG_5671 Tom Kerridge’s Cottage Pie with Blue Cheese Mash Topping - If you ever doubt your ability to cook an amazing meal, let me tell you about my friend Ray. A few months ago, he could barely make beans on toast. … Continue reading
IMG_5756 How to cook…Iberico Pluma - Are you one of those January Detox Types? If so, move along: you’ll find nothing to interest you here. The Recipe Shed is a proud exponent of the Whatever Doesn’t … Continue reading
IMG_5056 Le Poulet Fermier Jaune d’Ancenis…a chicken to compare with Poulet de Bresse? -   Poulet de Bresse is, of course, beyond compare. The queen of chickens; empress of poultry; grande dame des poulets. Its dense, gamey flesh is a taste beyond anything you’ve … Continue reading
IMG_5241 Sous Vide Duck Breasts with Chinese Spiced Rub -   Sous Vide is a fantastic way to cook duck breasts because it keeps the meat as pink as you prefer while heating it all the way through. This means … Continue reading
IMG_5222 Have you tried…Iberico Pork Chops - Here’s a pork chop unlike any other pork chop you’ll ever taste. These come from the loin of the magnificently marbled Iberico pig – that incredible porker that grazes on … Continue reading
IMG_4971 The Lockhart Southern Fried Chicken - I am forever in pursuit of the perfect Southern Fried Chicken recipe and on  Saturday Kitchen recently, the head chef of a restaurant called The Lockhart claimed to have created THE … Continue reading
IMG_4998 Have you tried…Iberico Pork Presa? - Look at this glorious, beautifully marbled piece of meat. Do you know what it is? OK, a rather large clue is in the header, but if you hadn’t see that, … Continue reading
IMG_4735 Christmas pies from Pieminister -   As much as I love a nice pie, pastry isn’t my forte. Even the ready-made, shop-bought stuff can be too much of a faff. So I was delighted to … Continue reading
IMG_4244 Have you tried…Iberico Pork Secreto? - Pork, for me,  is only worthwhile if the tougher cuts of the animal are used (shoulder, belly, cheeks, the leg, at a push), which are then slow cooked.  It’s the … Continue reading
IMG_4441 Chinese Chicken Wings in Black Bean Sauce - I am in possession of a brand new wok, purchased from the sensational Wing Yip supermarket. If you’ve never been to one of these extraordinary Chinese food emporiums, seek one … Continue reading
IMG_4141 The Stag’s Root Beer Pork Ribs with Shaved Fennel Salad - The Stag in Hampstead, NW3 is a great boozer, with great beers, great staff, great food  and the best ribs I’ve ever eaten in a pub – so I attempted to … Continue reading
IMG_4026 Smashed Cheeseburger Toastie - I thought I’d nailed the perfect burger until I read this post from the great Dan Toombes aka the Curry Guy. He’s been on a burger tour of his native … Continue reading
IMG_2954 Indian Lamb Koftas in ‘Spice Tailor’ Peanut and Tamarind Sauce (National Curry Week October 13-19) - It’s National Curry Week (13-19 October 2014) and I’ve been inspired by TV chef Anjum Anand’s Spice Tailor chutnis (which is the Hindi word for ‘lick’). This recipe uses The Spice Tailor Peanut and … Continue reading


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