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MexicanEggs Old El Paso Mexican Inspired Eggs -   Start the day by giving the Great British Breakfast a Mexican makeover with this super-savoury Old El Paso Roasted Tomato & Pepper spiced omelette recipe. Every weekend morning, we … Continue reading
IMG_6556 Yotam Ottolenghi’s Lamb Meatballs with Fig Sauce - When my friend Debbie of TheLifeEdit blog recommended this recipe, I was sceptical. After all, a meatball’s a meatball, heavens to betsy? Nope. These take meatballs to a whole new … Continue reading
IMG_6286 Jamie Oliver’s Super Schnitzel - There are so many flavours on this plate I hardly know where to start: sour and tart, sweet and hot, salty, oniony, fishy, jammy, fruity, meaty. The works! It should … Continue reading
IMG_5912 Tom Kerridge’s Ultimate Ham and Cheese Toasties - You will never have had a ham and cheese toastie like this, I guarantee it. It’s a cross between Welsh rarebit and a Croque Monsieur. A Croque Rarebit, if you … Continue reading

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IMG_6139 Chicken Kiev with a Smoky Bacon Twist - Here’s a wonderful twist on the classic chicken Kiev: add crispy bacon bits to the garlic butter filling. Any you have leftover, melt it in a pan and pour over … Continue reading
IMG_6120 Nitsa’s Thai Lamb Yellow Curry - I’ve given up making Thai curry pastes from scratch because my friend Nitsa creates her own and they simply can’t be surpassed. She works full-time at Marks and Spencer but … Continue reading
IMG_5623 Jamie Oliver’s Beef Wellington - There are a few dishes I have been scared of trying because of the potential for disaster. This is one of them. Beef Wellington has always struck me as putting … Continue reading
IMG_6089 Jamie Oliver’s Insanity Burger - My friend Danny and I are on an endless quest for the perfect burger. Not just those you can get at the myriad of trendy burger joints that have sprung … Continue reading
IMG_6004 Tom Kerridge’s Slow-Roasted Duck with Potato Pancakes - A butcher friend of mine – let’s call him Bob, for that is his name – has been raving about the virtues of Gressingham ducks. ‘The best ducks in the … Continue reading
IMG_5819 Tom Kerridge’s Ginger-Braised Ox Cheeks with Spiced Lentils and Watercress Yogurt -   I’m proud to report that this is one of the best dishes I have ever cooked. Not my words – but those of my very discerning wife. Top-end restaurants … Continue reading
IMG_4200 Daioni Flavoured Milk - Only a quarter of boys and 10 per cent of girls between the ages of nine and 13 are getting enough calcium – at just the age when their growing … Continue reading
IMG_5671 Tom Kerridge’s Cottage Pie with Blue Cheese Mash Topping - If you ever doubt your ability to cook an amazing meal, let me tell you about my friend Ray. A few months ago, he could barely make beans on toast. … Continue reading
IMG_5756 How to cook…Iberico Pluma - Are you one of those January Detox Types? If so, move along: you’ll find nothing to interest you here. The Recipe Shed is a proud exponent of the Whatever Doesn’t … Continue reading
IMG_5056 Le Poulet Fermier Jaune d’Ancenis…a chicken to compare with Poulet de Bresse? -   Poulet de Bresse is, of course, beyond compare. The queen of chickens; empress of poultry; grande dame des poulets. Its dense, gamey flesh is a taste beyond anything you’ve … Continue reading
IMG_5241 Sous Vide Duck Breasts with Chinese Spiced Rub -   Sous Vide is a fantastic way to cook duck breasts because it keeps the meat as pink as you prefer while heating it all the way through. This means … Continue reading
IMG_5222 Have you tried…Iberico Pork Chops - Here’s a pork chop unlike any other pork chop you’ll ever taste. These come from the loin of the magnificently marbled Iberico pig – that incredible porker that grazes on … Continue reading
IMG_5180 Roast Lamb Marinated in Lemon, Rosemary, Balsamic Vinegar and Soy Sauce - This is one of the best lamb dishes I have ever tasted. It was a magnificent Sunday lunch, served with Dauphinois potatoes and flower sprouts, plus a gravy made up … Continue reading
IMG_4971 The Lockhart Southern Fried Chicken - I am forever in pursuit of the perfect Southern Fried Chicken recipe and on  Saturday Kitchen recently, the head chef of a restaurant called The Lockhart claimed to have created THE … Continue reading
IMG_4998 Have you tried…Iberico Pork Presa? - Look at this glorious, beautifully marbled piece of meat. Do you know what it is? OK, a rather large clue is in the header, but if you hadn’t see that, … Continue reading
IMG_4735 Christmas pies from Pieminister -   As much as I love a nice pie, pastry isn’t my forte. Even the ready-made, shop-bought stuff can be too much of a faff. So I was delighted to … Continue reading


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